Gas Aggregation

Natural Gas Aggregation rate has been set for 2018/2020

The Village of Jackson Center has selected Volunteer Energy Services, Inc. an Ohio Corporation, to provide you with the opportunity to join with other residents and small commercial customers in the Village's natural gas Governmental Aggregation Program.  Government Aggregation programs allow Village officials to bring together citizens to gain group-buying power for the purchase of natural gas from a retail supplier licensed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.  Voters of the Village of Jackson Center approved this program in May, 2003.

If you are already in the Jackson Center Natural Gas Governmental Aggregation program, you will automatically be enrolled into the new pricing with Volunteer Energy Services, Inc. unless you choose to "OPT-OUT" - that is affirmatively choose not to participate.  If you wish to be excluded from the Village's natural gas governmental aggregation program, you can call Volunteer Energy toll free at 1-800-977-8374.  Otherwise, you will be inlcuded in the aggregation program.  If you do not opt-out at this time, you will receive a notice at least once every year asking if you wish to remain in the program.  However, you do not need to do anythng to participate.  There is not cost for the enrollment and you will not be charged a switching fee.

The aggregation program with Volunteer Energy Services, Inc. is for the period of September 2018 through August 2020.  For participating members of this program, Volunteer Energy will deliver natural gas at a fixed rate of $0.375 per ccf at the burner tip, through August 31, 2020.  If you are ever unhappy with your rate, you may leave the program free of charge at any time.

Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio, will always be responsible for ensuring the distribution of natural gas to your premises and will continue to maintain your meter, the monthly reads and the lines that deliver natural gas to your home.  Your natural gas bill will also continue to come from Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio.  The only change you'll notice is the name of your new gas supplier, Volunteer Energy, included on your bill.

If you have any questions, please call Volunteer Energy toll free at 1-800-977-8374 Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


As you may recall, Jackson Center Village Council passed ordinance 2003-007 on February 17, 2003 adopting the Village of Jackson Center natural gas governmental aggregation program after Jackson Center voters approved the implementation of the program.

Under this aggregation, Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio (VEDO) will continue to maintain the pipeline system that delivers natural gas to your home or business.  You will continue to receive a single bill from VEDO for your natural gas service and it will include your new gas supply charge.  You will still contact VEDO regarding loss of gas service, odor of gas, or for any other concerns or issues having to do with your local service.  Budget billing and automatic billing options will continue to be available thru VEDO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Governmental Natural Gas Aggregation?

Simply put, it’s the entire community joining together to form one large buying group. By voting to allow an aggregation, residents allow their community to shop for natural gas on their behalf. 

What are the Benefits of Gas Aggregation?

When residents form one large buying group they have more buying power.  The aggregation can better negotiate favorable pricing and supply terms than what could be achieved by any one individual resident.

How does a community become an Aggregator?

The community must first get the approval of voters within the community to form a natural gas aggregation program.  Upon a majority vote, community leaders will proceed through a series of steps to become certified as a Governmental Natural Gas Aggregator by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.   

Are there different types of Aggregations? 

Yes.  A community may conduct an “Opt-Out” program or an “Opt-In” program.  With Opt- Out programs, each eligible resident is automatically enrolled in the program unless they notify the supplier that they DO NOT wish to participate.  With Opt-In programs, each resident must notify the supplier to actively enroll in the program.  Opt-Out Aggregations are the most common types of aggregation programs.

How do Opt-Out Aggregations work?

The community seeks bids from Certified Retail Natural Gas Service Providers. A qualified bidder is selected to supply the aggregation with its gas for a set period of time.  An “Opt-out” notice is sent to each eligible community resident prior to the start of the aggregation.  Each resident has 21 days from the postmarked date on the notice to contact the supplier to withdraw or “Opt-Out” of the program.  After the 21 day period, any resident not opting out will be submitted to the utility company for enrollment in the program.  The utility company will send notice of the pending enrollment to each participating resident.  Each resident will then have 7 days to rescind their enrollment in the program by contacting the utility company.  After the 7 day rescission period, all participating customers are officially enrolled in the program.

Are all residents of the community automatically included in Op-Out Aggregations?

No.  In order to be included you must purchase your natural gas directly from the natural gas utility company. You must also be current on your utility bill payments.  Commercial users in the community that consume more that 5,000 Ccf per year do not qualify.  PIPP customers also do not qualify. 

Can I enroll if I do not receive an Opt-Out notice?

Yes. During the initial enrollment, any eligible resident that does not receive an Opt-Out notice may contact the supplier directly to enroll in the program. 

Can I enroll after the initial enrollment period?

The supplier will always try to accommodate residents should they wish to enroll after the initial enrollment period. However, the supplier reserves the right to decline late enrollments depending on market conditions.

Can I enroll even if I currently purchase my gas from another supplier?

Yes, however your supplier may charge an early termination fee. All residents should check the terms and conditions of their current contract for more information.

What happens if I’m part of the program and I move?

A resident moving within the same community can stay in the aggregation by providing the supplier with their new address. If a resident moves out of the community or does not provide the supplier with their new address, their participation will end and no early termination fee will apply.

Can I leave the program and return to the utility or enroll with a different supplier?

Yes. Residents may leave the program at any time with no penalty.  If you leave the program it may take one to two utility billing cycles before the switch appears on your utility bill.

Does my utility still send my monthly bill?

Yes. Your current service will not change. Your utility will still send you your monthly bill, read your meter and respond to all service calls. The supplier will appear on your bill as your natural gas supplier.

My friend lives in a nearby community and has a different rate from the same supplier than mine. Why?

Natural gas prices are highly volatile.  Market rates change often and quickly.  Price differences between communities will vary based primarily on the contract term and the dates on which pricing was secured for the community.

How do I contact the Natural Gas Supplier?

Our customer service department is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST Monday through Friday. You may call us toll free at 1-800-977-8374.