Snow Removal

Village crews salt and plow the village streets with each storm.  You can assist the crews by moving your vehicle(s) off the street.  It is difficult to get the plows down the streets with cars parked along each side of the street, especially in caldesacs and narrow streets.

Please be considerate of others when removing snow from your property.  For the safety of our residents it is imperative that property owners take responsibility to clear their own sidewalks.  There are many children who walk to school and other residents who use the sidewalks frequently.  When they are clogged with snow, residents are forced to walk in the street.

When clearing snow from your property, it should remain on your property.  Do not blow snow from your property onto a neighbors property or onto the road.  Putting additional snow on the roads costs the village additional money as it forces crews to work longer to keep the road clear.  When you clear your driveway, stack the shoveled snow to the right side of your driveway to reduce the amount of snow plowed in front of your driveway.

If you need assistance with snow removal, please call one of the local residents or businesses below:

Airpark Excavating: (937) 596-6167

Jerry J. Davis: (937) 596-0615

Lotz Service: (937) 596-6700

Reichert Excavating: (937) 843-6527

Wannemacher Construction: (937) 538-6007

DT Contracting LLC - Darren Myers: (937) 538-0370