Household Hazardous Waste

We have many residents asking how to dispose of house hold paint and other hazardous materials.  Please see the attached flyer for the 2022 Drop-Off Sites available for Household Hazardous Waste Disposal.  DROP OFFS ARE AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Call 800-553-6763 Extension 20 to schedule an appointment from April to October (Cancellations must be made two business days in advance.)  A minimum of a $1.00 per pound fee will be charged for all Household Hazardous Waste items and $0.50 per Fluorescent Light Bulb.  (CASH OR CHECK ONLY)

For more information regarding disposal, please visit the North Central Ohio Solid Waste District by clicking on this link:  You can find information regarding Latex Paints, Tires, Oil/Antifreeze, Auto Batteries/LABS, Rechargable Batteries, Flourescent Lights, Mobile Household Hazardous Waste Collections, Electronics/TVs, Appliances/ Metal, etc.

How to dispose of Latex Paint (Water Based Paint):  Paint must be completely dried to a solid form and then it may be discarded with the household trash.  Paint can be dried by removing the lid, and/or adding kittly litter, oil dry, sawdust, sand or a paint hardener to help dry the paint.

Household Hazardous Waste Flyer

  • Please do not dispose of materials into the storm sewer or septic system.
  • Don't burn or bury leftover materials or containers.
  • Don't mix materials together.
  • Materials must be in their original containers and clearly marked for easy identification.
  • Anyone leaving items at the sites other than at their appointed time will be prosecuted for illegal dumping.
  • By law we CANNOT accept Commerical, Industrial, Government, Medical, Church, Non-Profit, School or Farm/Ag Waste.