Zoning Regulations

Before constructing a home, building, addition, storage building, fence, pool, sign, or making other improvements to your property, contact the Village Zoning Enforcement Officer, Ed Maxwell at 937-596-6314. There are zoning regulations that apply to such improvements and zoning permits are required.

Zoning approvals are granted by the Village of Jackson Center.  This may include:  new buildings, patio covers, room additions, fireplace work, chimney work, new or partial basements, electrical, heating and plumbing work, furnace, central air conditioning, hot water heater or water softener installation or replacement, demolition, etc.

Zoning Permits

No building or other structure shall be erected, moved, added to, or structurally altered; nor shall any building, structure, or land be established or changed in use; nor shall any accessory use or structure, sign, or swimming pool be installed without a Zoning Permit issued by the Zoning Enforcement Officer.  Zoning Permits are issued in conformity with the provisions of the Zoning Regulations of the Village of Jackson Center, Ohio and are not replacements for Building Permits.  However, a Zoning Permit is required to obtain a Building Permit from the Sidney-Shelby County Board of Health.

Building Permits

For your protection, building permits are required for a variety of items.  If you are planning to construct a new building or make a change to your property in the Village, you may obtain all the necessary information and forms at the "one stop" customer service counter at the Sidney-Shelby County Board of Health Office, 202 W. Poplar St., Sidney, OH or at the Village Office at 122 E. Pike Street.

All new buildings and structures, alterations, additions, remodeling, demolition, changes in use or other activities connected to construction or development require a building permit.  The following items do not require a building permit:  siding, re-roofing, landscaping, painting/wallpapering, and storm/screen windows and doors.  Residential accessory structures (under 200 square feet) do not need a building permit but do need an electrical permit, if applicable.

Swimming Pool Requirements - Swimming Pools Do Require Building & Zoning Permits.

For more information about permits, contact the Shelby County Health Department at 937-498-7249.