Subdivision Regulations

These Regulations are adopted to secure and provide for the following:

  1. To establish the minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, public safety, and general welfare of the residents of the Village.
  2. The proper arrangement of streets or highways in relation to existing or planned streets or highways or to the official Comprehensive Development Plan.
  3. Adequate and convenient open spaces for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, utilities, access of fire-fighting apparatus, and recreation.
  4. The establishment of standards for the construction of any and all improvements as herein required.
  5. Conformance with the existing Zoning Ordinance.
  6. To facilitate the orderly and efficient layout and the appropriate use of the land.
  7. To provide for the accurate surveying of land, preparing and recording of plats, and the equitable handling of all subdivision plats by providing uniform procedures and standards for observance by both the approving authority and subdividers.
  8. Protection against floodplain encroachment and possible future flood damage.
  9. To guide public and private policy and action in order to provide adequate and efficient transportation, water, sewerage, and other public requirements and facilities.


Jackson Center Subdivision Regulations