Municipal Pool

The Village of Jackson Center Municipal Pool was built in 1968 provides a pleasant and safe environment for the whole family. The pool is 5,316 sq ft and was renovated in 1997 and the bathhouse was renovated in 2001. The spray park was added in 2005. Attractions include:a slide in the five foot area, zero entry with railing, large swimming area, spray park and bathhouse with dressing stalls and showers.

Hours of Operation

The pool hours will be as follows, weather permitting:

  • May / June: 12:00 pm - 7 pm;
  • July: 12:00 pm – 8 pm;
  • August: 12:00 pm- 8 pm

*On evenings, if a pool party is scheduled, the hours will be 12:00 – 5:00 PM.  A sign will be posted at the pool if a pool party is scheduled.

Rules of the Pool

It is the responsibility of the patrons to read, understand, and follow the rules before entering the pool. The rules are enforced by the lifeguards and management of the pool.  Please click on the link below to view the Pool Rules.

Rules of the Pool Link

Swimming Pool Rates and Charges

Season Tickets

Children (age 2 and under)
Individual Season Pass (Ages 3 to 64)
Adult (age 65 and over)

Daily Single Admission

Youth (Ages 3-64)

Where to Purchase Season Passes

Season passes can be purchased at the Village Office (122 E. Pike Street) during the week between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, and at the pool during operation hours. Season passes can also be purchased by mail or via drop box by submitting a season pool pass application and a check payable to the Village of Jackson Center. Passes will then be forwarded to the Pool Managers to hold at the swimming pool.

Season Pool Pass Application Link (PDF Fillable)

Pool Party

Pool Parties may be scheduled any evening during the pool season between the hours of 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

Reservations are available on a first-paid, first-served basis. A rental fee of $200.00 (up to 100 people) is due upon confirmation of date requested. Cancellations must occur at least 72 hours in advance of the date of the pool party for a refund.

Pool party reservations can be made at the Village Office (122 E. Pike Street) during the week between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, or by mail or via drop box by submitting a pool party application and a check payable to the Village of Jackson Center. Confirmation will be made via mail/phone of your reservation.

Pool Party Application Link

Swim Lessons

At this time, we do not have anyone available to us to teach swimming lessons. If this changes, we will let you know on this page and our facebook and twitter pages.

History - It's Starting Years - The Wally Byam Memorial Park

On January 23, 1961, the Park and Pool Committee was formed from 15 representatives of clubs and organizations interested in exploring the possibility of purchasing and developing a community park. The officers at this time were -- Betty Kaufman and Fred Bunke, Co-Chairman; Beulah Hawkins, Secretary; and Wanda Kaufman, Treasurer. In April, 1961, the Junior American Club, at their regular meeting, moved to donate $100.00, starting the Park and Pool Fund. The Park and Pool Committee was incorporated on January 21, 1963 and the Constitution and By-Laws (written by Jacque Mintchell) were approved on April 3, 1962. Projects were undertaken over the years and improvements were made to recreational facilities on the local school grounds. At the June 29, 1967, Park and Pool Committee meeting, the motion was made to take an option on 8.3 acres of land, owned by Ken Ruark, Tom and Fred Calim. This land is located on the North side of State Route 274, East of the corporation, and has since been annexed into the village. The park and pool land was purchased on May 25, 1968. With the generous offer of an anonymous donor, the groundbreaking ceremonies for the swimming pool were at 7:00 p.m., August 6, 1968, with the opening scheduled for May 30, 1969. The Park and Pool Committee has unanimously voted to name the area "The Wally Byam Memorial Park." The Park and Pool Committee intend to remain active, with the anticipation of shelter houses, picnic tables, grills, public restrooms, blacktopping and landscaping to be completed.

The following is from an article that appeared in the Rurban-Journal on June 12, 1969.

The name of the indivudual who wrote the article was not disclosed. It started back in 1961 in the minds of a few people and was envisioned as a wild-eyeed dream. There were even those skeptics who felt that it was an idea that would never come to pass in Jackson Center. But on Sunday, June 15 (if the weather man is kind) the dedication ceremonies for the new swimming pool in what has been recently named Wally Byam Memorial Park will take place. The happy affair is scheduled to begin at 2:00 p.m. At the beginning it was only an idea and a very loose organization which wrestled with the problems of a park and pool for Jackson Center. The ladies' clubs of the community had spearheaded thoughts of a swimming pool and a recreational park for the town. But they soon realized that they had hold of an idea which was bigger than their collective efforts could help realize. There were the thoughts of how to get better organized to promote such a project. So all of the civic-minded groups of the community named one of their members to become a member of this group. Represented at the outset were the following clubs: Sororis Club, Junior American Club, American Club, American Legion, Community Club and the Civic Association (now Chamber of Commerce). In later years the Kiwanis Club has added its help. Other clubs added their assistance from time to time, too. This collection of representatives incorporated as the Community Park and Pool Committee, Inc., and immediately embarked upon fund raising ventures. The biggest of the promotions was the annual Community Days. After a couple of years the group was able to make its first contribution to the recreational phase of Jackson Center as it was dedicated to do. This took the form of black top tennis courts on the school land which was big enough for two courts. In addition, through the efforts of the late Glenn Smith, several horseshoe courts were built adjacent to the tennis courts and additional summertime activity was underway. This in 1968, a parcel of land was purchased from Fred Calim and Ken Ruark which was located on the north side of State Route 274 at the east corporation limits. It was then that big strides started to be made as it was but a few months later that a generous and anonymous donor stepped forward to provide all of the funds for the swimming pool if it could be adequately maintained. The land was deeded to the village and negotiations for the construction of a new swimming pool was underway. Value of the swimming pool along is in excess of $140,000. This is indeed quite a facility for a community the size of Jackson Center. Mayor Carl Zwiebel has appointed a five-man board to administer the needs of the park and pool and this group is composed of Walt Gerkey, Fred G. Bunke, Duane Ware, Russell Helmlinger and Ralph Keller. However, the Community Park and Pool Committee is not out of business even though their wildest dream has now come true. No, they are still sponsoring the annual Community Days which start June 19 and run through June 21. Now, however, their efforts are centered on raising the funds to landscape the park area which lies north of the swimming pool and equip it with benches, picnic tables and in the future a shelter house. With the dedication which this group has, that finished park may not be as far away as we used to think.