History Of The Municipal Electric System

Early in the year of 1919, the village council took up talks on establishment of the municipal electric system. Mayor Sailor appointed a committee to probe into the possibilities of such a system and make an early report. Then for the next few sessions of council a goodly amount of information was reported and led to a planning committee.  So with fast action of the committees, an ordinance was passed July 7th of this year to issue bonds for the purpose of establishing the system.  On July 11th, they were ready to advertise such bonds in the amount of $500.00 each to the total of $15,000, as was proposed to construct such a system.

The first board members appointed by the Mayor were, Frank Baughman, L.H. Sollmann and M.I. Stout and who had the duty of accepting the bids on the bond sale which went to the First National Bank of Jackson Center on their bid of $15,525.00.

After advertising for bids on the construction of the transmission line from Port Jefferson where they were to be supplied by the Ohio Power Co., the first set of bidders were rejected by the board because of over bidding reached far beyond the bond issue. Then it was necessary to re-advertise for this construction and at the new date set for opening of bids it was found the two local men, Mr. Wm. Moodie and J.H. Rogers were the lowest at $13,984.50. They then were awarded the contract and was soon busy getting materials on hand for construction which started on about a week.

Then on May 15, 1920, the construction being completed and accepted, the town's first electric street lights were turned on. These were replacing the old gas street lamp posts that had be in use for several years. Of course there was some work to be done yet before the residences and shops could be hooked on, but that would only be a small matter of a week or so. Thus Jackson Center's entry into Municipal Owner Utilities.

The first rates were established via Ordinance #110 on September 15, 1919. For residences, stores, churches, schools and all types of commercial lighting:

  • The first 50 KW..........10 cents per KW
  • All over 50 KW.............9 cents per KW
  • Minimum charge..........75 cents per KW
  • An additional 1 cent per KW if bill is not paid by the 10th of the month

For shops, mills, factories, or any places using motors for power:

  • The first 100 KW........7 cents per KW
  • The next 200 KW.......6 cents per KW
  • All over 300 KW..........5.5 cents per KW

For power users from 2300 volt charges for over 30 HP, connected:

  • The first 500 KW........5 cents per KW
  • All over 500 KW..........5.5 cents per KW

The rates were then revised on March 20, 1933 as follows:

Lights or residents:

  • The first 30 KW..........5 cents per KW
  • Next 30 KW................4.5 cents per KW
  • Over 60 KW................3 cents per KW
  • Minimum charge.........50 cents per KW

Power Users:

  • The first 50 KW..........4 cents per KW
  • Next 100 KW..............3.5 cents per KW
  • Next 850 KW..............3 cents per KW
  • All over 1000 KW........2.5 cents per KW
  • Minimum charge.........40 cents per KW

There have been changes in certain services and regulations of the system since the beginning but all these were brought up to meet the modern trend of the times from year to year.