Jackson Center Local School District is located in northeast Shelby County. The district has one large building complex which houses 550 students on average in grades preK-12.  The school also hosts a pre-school for 3-4 year olds.

The Jackson Center School District has a low teacher to pupil ratio, which provides for excellent personal relationships between teachers, students and parents. The curricular and extracurricular programs are designed to meet the present and future needs of students and prepare them for our constantly changing society.

The Jackson Center School District is unique because all grades are departmentalized including kindergarten.  This means that our youngest students go to different classes just like the older students.  We also offer two Advanced Placement classes and thirteen dual enrollement classes through a partnership with Urbana University.  Some of our students are graduating with their first semester or even full year of college completed.

The Jackson Center community takes pride in its school district and shows support financially through booster groups and volunteering.  The school district participates in the inter-district open enrollment program and many students from surrounding school districts choose to attend our schools.

Students from Jackson Center have distinguished themselves with their achievements and accomplishments and take academic studies seriously with a high percentage making the Merit Roll (all "A" grades) or the Honor Roll (all "A" & "B" grades).  Our students have also done well in music competitions, art contests, athletic events, and drama productions.  Our teachers and support staff do all that is possible to provide an environment that is conducive to student participation and achievement.

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Vocational/Technical Education

The Upper Valley Joint Vocational School provides high quality and extensive career and technical training to high school and adult learners.

At the high school level, student success means that each student earns a high school diploma, has the career and technical training and credentials that will make him or her ready for the workforce, is able to access post-secondary educational options, and understands the value of being a contributing member of the community. The JVS serves over 800 students at the Main Campus and another 2200 in satellite programs housed in many of the 14 associate school districts, including Jackson Center Local Schools. The JVS offers more than 30 programs. Students get a jump start on their career and start to earn college credits while in high school.

The Adult Division serves over 3000 adults in a variety of program options including short term skill specific classes, extended training and credentialing programs, and customized courses developed to meet the needs of individuals or employers. The Adult Division is associated with the University System of Ohio under the Board of Regents and enables adults to start earning credits for a college degree as well as receive training necessary to advance in current employment or start a new career - while staying close to home and in a cost effective manner. In addition, the JVS provides classes for individuals who need to refresh their reading and math literacy skills or earn a GED.

Higher Education

The following higher education opportunities are available, all within easy driving distance:

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Online Colleges in Ohio

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