Yard Waste / Limb Pick-Up / Live Christmas Tree Recycling


Residents may deposit grass clippings in a dumpster located behind the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Jerry Drive.  PLEASE DO NOT PUT BAGS INSIDE THE DUMPSTER OR PLACE BAGS OF CLIPPINGS OUTSIDE THE DUMPSTER!  Clippings should be put directly into the dumpster.  (NO BAGS)


Limbs can be placed by the curb (not in the street) and will be picked up by Village workers on Fridays or sooner if there is a predicted weather event.  As long as the crew is not working on a higher priority project limbs will be picked up on Fridays.  

Mulch that is produced from the yard waste program is available free to residents of Jackson Center.


Residents may place live Christmas trees by the curb during the months of December through January and village crews will pick them up on Fridays.  Please remove lights, tinsel and decorations before placing the tree at the curb.

For more information or to call for a pickup, contact the Village Office at 937-596-6314.