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Sealed bids will be received at the Village of Jackson Center Offices, 122 E. Pike Street, Jackson Center, Ohio 45334 until 2:00 PM (local time), November 10, 2021 for the New Addition to Equipment Storage Building based upon contract documents prepared by Freytag... Read More

The Regional Income Tax Agency is mailing out 262 Administrative Subpoenas to taxpayers in the Village who have neglected to file a municipal income tax return for the Village of Jackson Center.  All taxpayers that will receive the subpoenas were first issued a non-... Read More

The Ohio Auditor of State, Keith Faber has informed the Village that the Audit for Audit Period January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020 has been released and can be viewed by clicking on the following link: ... Read More

The Regional Income Tax Agency has informed the Village of Jackson Center that Non-Filer letters were mailed out on August 18, 2021 to taxpayers that neglected to file a municipal income tax return.  The Village of Jackson Center is a mandatory filing community which means... Read More

The Village recently received an email from the Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague's office congratulating the Village on their successful closing and savings.  For more information, please click on the link below to view the Press Release.

... Read More

The Shelby County Auditor is required by the State of Ohio to review all real property information in the County every six years.  Shelby County is entering this revaluation cycle, which will take a full two years to complete.  In the coming weeks and months,... Read More

Hello all and welcome to spring!!!  With the changing weather and everyone trying to get back to some normalcy during our challenging times, there are a few things that I would like to educate everyone on.  I know that there are under speed vehicles (golf carts) and utility vehicles (... Read More

The Village of Jackson Center Natural Gas Aggregation Program sets a secure fixed price of $3.440 per Mcf for your natural gas supply charges.

AEP Energy is pleased to announce that the Village of Jackson Center is providing its residents with an... Read More


Learn how to reduce your Electric Bill with the new Electric Bill Advice Program!  Are you confused by a high... Read More

Grass Clippings are not Permitted to be disposed of in your Trash Tote!  Republic Services has reported that they have been finding trash bags full of grass clippings in trash totes.  This is an Extreme Fire Hazard!  Grass clippings and yard waste produce heat.... Read More