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The Shelby County Auditor is required by the State of Ohio to review all real property information in the County every six years.  Shelby County is entering this revaluation cycle, which will take a full two years to complete.  In the coming weeks and months,... Read More

The mosquito fogging dates have been set for this year.  We will once again be using Bug-A-Boo as the contractor that will be applying the foggings.  Their treatments are environmentally safe to occupying residents as the... Read More

Hello all and welcome to spring!!!  With the changing weather and everyone trying to get back to some normalcy during our challenging times, there are a few things that I would like to educate everyone on.  I know that there are under speed vehicles (golf carts) and utility vehicles (... Read More

The Village of Jackson Center Natural Gas Aggregation Program sets a secure fixed price of $3.440 per Mcf for your natural gas supply charges.

AEP Energy is pleased to announce that the Village of Jackson Center is providing its residents with an... Read More


Learn how to reduce your Electric Bill with the new Electric Bill Advice Program!  Are you confused by a high... Read More

Grass Clippings are not Permitted to be disposed of in your Trash Tote!  Republic Services has reported that they have been finding trash bags full of grass clippings in trash totes.  This is an Extreme Fire Hazard!  Grass clippings and yard waste produce heat.... Read More

The Shelby County Commissioner's have put together this flyer on what to do in case of an emergency.  This flyer covers everything from Armed Intruder's to Tornadoes.  Please take the time to look over this flyer and feel free to share it with your neighbors and loved ones.

Also... Read More

We have had a lot of questions about the Utility Bills lately, so we have put together a mock Utility Bill to help you understand what your Utility Bill says.  If you would like to see a PDF copy of the mock billing, please scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and click on the PDF... Read More

Jackson Center residents - Efficiency Smart has launched a new website that features Community-Specific information for customers of the Jackson Center Municipal Electric System.  Customers can visit Read More