Trash Tote Service

If you have already contacted Republic Services to set up your tote service, you should be receiving your tote within the next week (if you haven't received it already).  Shortly after you receive your tote, you will receive an invoice in the mail from Republic Services for the first quarter of service in the amount of $38.70 ($12.90 a month).  There should not be any other additional fees or charges on this invoice.  If your invoice does have additional fees or charges, please call Republic Services at (937) 593-3566.  To explore the different bill paying options, please visit

If you have not already called to set up your tote service, you can call (937) 593-3566 to set up your tote service at any time.  To set up your service, simply call the number and give them your service address, your mailing address and phone number.  Please also tell them that you are a part of the Village of Jackson Center contract price at $12.90 a month.

For any questions that you may have about our tote service, please call Republic Services.