Shelby County Revaluation Cycle

The Shelby County Auditor is required by the State of Ohio to review all real property information in the County every six years.  Shelby County is entering this revaluation cycle, which will take a full two years to complete.  In the coming weeks and months, representatives will be visiting each property in the County.  The first round of representatives will be photographing each structure on the parcel, and later in the process there may be additional representatives doing physical inspections to verify parcel characteristics.  In no circumstance will the representatives inspect the inside of a residence.  The representatives are to abide by social distancing standards and will attempt to alert you to their presence before beginning outdoor photography.

The vehicle that the representatives drive will display "Shelby County Auditor" and the Auditor's seal as printed at the top of the attached letter.  The representaive will be wearing a reflective vest and an ID badge which displays the logo of our appraisal company "Appraisal Research".

See the image below for the photography schedule.

If you have any questions or would like to confirm the identity of a person visiting your property, please call the Shelby County Auditor's Office at (937) 498-7202

Thank you for your assistance and your patience as we work to update our records, and please take advantage of all the valuable information available on the Shelby County Auditor's website at  It is a great resource when you need an address, details about a property, or other services they provide.