Grass Clippings & Yard Waste Do Not Belong In Your Trash Tote

Grass Clippings are not Permitted to be disposed of in your Trash Tote!  Republic Services has reported that they have been finding trash bags full of grass clippings in trash totes.  This is an Extreme Fire Hazard!  Grass clippings and yard waste produce heat.  This happens as a result of microscopic bacteria and fungi feeding on moist grass clippings.  Freshly cut grass spread over a lawn starts to rot, but you can't feel the heat that it generates until you rake the grass into a pile.  The bigger the pile, the more heat is trapped and the hotter the pile temperature.  Therefore, when grass clippings are bagged, you have a large amount of clippings in a bag that is generating heat; and if that bag is broke open inside a trash truck or a compost bin, the gases produced by the grass clippings are exposed to oxygen, causing the material to ignite and catch fire (spontaneously combust).

  • Please do not put grass clippings in your Trash Tote.
  • Please do not put bags of grass in the compost container on Jerry Drive.
  • Do dump your grass clippings directly into the compost container on Jerry Drive.
  • If you have to transport your clippings to the compost container in a bag, dump the clippings directly into the container and dispose of the bag in a trash receptacle that is provided by the compost container.
  • The contents of the compost container are transported to Cherokee Run Landfill near Bellefontaine and added to a large compost pile