COVID-19 Village Procedures

The situation with the Coronavirus, (COVID 19) continues to change rapidly.  This is unseen territory for everyone.  Some may feel there is an over-reaction taking place, others may feel it best to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

As employees of the Village, we fall into a special group of people that will be depended upon to continue with critical and necessary services even when many, or most, other business operations are shut down.  Water, electric, sewer, refuse, fire and police are services that we cannot put on hold.  With that in mind, it is essential that the Village, as an employer, and our employees, take every precaution to keep ourselves safe and available to serve the public.

We have closed our lobby to the Public until further notice.  We encourage our residents to use the Payment DropBox located at the front (Pike Street side) of our building to make their payments.  We have a bright orange sign on the drop box to let you know where to put your payment.

Please check this website, the Village Facebook page and the Village Twitter page for updates as we work through this situation.

We are also restricting employee access to the Village Office.  The only employees that will be admitted past the front lobby are office personnel.  Likewise, the Water and Wastewater personnel will be the only employees admitted to those respective buildings.  The Service Building personnel will be staggering their break times so that they are not all in the Service Building at the same time.  In an effort to keep things operating as normal, the bulleted list below is how our departments are working:

  • Our Zoning Enforcement Officer/Economic Development Director will be working from home.  His cell phone number is (937) 726-1504.
  • The Police Chief will be in the Office as needed and will be handling all Non-Emergency calls by phone, email etc.  We are trying to limit his exposure to public for emergencies only.
  • The Utility Clerk and Administrative Clerk will be alternating days so that they are not both in the office at the same time.
  • The Electric Department will be alternating days Monday through Saturday so that they are not both working at the same time.
  • The Water and Sewer Department personnel will have only one employee per plant Monday through Saturday.
  • The Steet Department will have two employees working per day Monday through Saturday.
  • The Park Department will have a normal schedule.
  • We will not be responding to calls inside residents homes unless it is an emergency such as a water leak.
  • The Village Administrator and Fiscal Officer will be in the Office as normal and can be reached by calling (937) 596-6314 or by emailing Bruce ( or Bev (

The Village will be holding their Regular Council meetings that are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month.  These meetings can now be held virtually or by teleconference.  We will be letting the public know when we have these meetings and how they can access these meetings when we get them set up.  If anyone has an issue or concern that they would like to have brought before Council, we encourage you to call the Village Office at (937) 596-6314 or email Bev Wren ( or Bruce Metz ( and we will address your issue or concern before Council and get back with you regarding the outcome.  At this time, all Committee Meetings are cancelled until further notice.  If we have to have a Committee meet, we will contact those members by a phone call or email to inform them of their presence.  All meetings will practice Social Distancing.  We will have the meeting room set up so that those in attendance are separated from each other by six feet.

Lastly, as we consider consequences and outcomes of the COVID 19 situation, we are monitoring our budget and may need to adjust some planned purchases.  We see little chance that our revenues, which are mainly based on income tax, will not be negatively impacted due to the slowdown or shutdown of business.  We will continue to watch closely, but less business means less taxes, and less taxes means less revenue.  We are asking all of our employees to consider and review what purchases can be put off until we have a better handle on the financial impact of this situation.

This will be ongoing for a while and we will keep everyone up to date on any changes that will need to be applied or relaxed.  Please try to stay Positive and Focused on our goal here.  Keep negativity out of your conversations, for negativity only breeds more negativity!!!  We will get through this together.